Mar 23, 2019

Turtle Hospital, Marathon, Florida

While we were driving to Key West, we planned to stop for 90 mins at the Turtle Hospital. Visiting the Turtle Hospital was a great educational experience for the entire family. We called them the previous day and reserved seats for the family. Since this is an active hospital, it was mandatory to be part of a guided educational tour to visit the grounds.

It is a 90 min visit start to finish. After signing the liability form, there is a short 20 min video and a few details on the survival and rehabilitation program . There is a room adjacent to the video room where actual operations on turtles take place. There was a small play area at the back where they can be ket entertained whilst you still are present for the presentation.

Next we headed into an enclosed area which has all the turtles that were injured have been rescued and are permanent residents. You cannot touch or feed the turtles. Video and photography was encouraged without the flash. The permanent residents are unable to return to the waters and hence are given names to identify: Bubblebutt, Bender, Montel, Rebel and April, Coastie, Sekoi, Kent, George, Chance, Bernie, Corrie. You can see them here.

We were introduced to large turtles and baby turtles that have been rescued. Many turtles bounce back after their capture \ injury and can be returned back to the ocean. Turtle Hospital updates release dates on their Facebook page. We missed this by a day :(

If your going and would like to be part of the rescue effort contact The Turtle Hospital. It is a wonderful experience, oodles of learning specially for school going kids and adults alike.

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