May 31, 2013

Fruit Picking

"UPDATED" May 24th, 2016

"Get the kids to pick their own vegetables and fruits and there are higher chances of them eating it". Don't we hear this at every doctors visit?

How about doing something exciting and fun together. May\June is a start of the harvest season where many farms offer  "You Pick" which means the public can go and pick their fruit and take home. Brentwood, Gilroy, Salinas valley have certain months allocated where you can go and pick your own fruit! Strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, oranges, nectarines, apples and more.

I've compiled a few " Farms for You Pick" Here are some links to help you pick your pick for ""You Pick""! Get your sunscreen, water, cash, snacks, sandwiches and head over for some fun and excitement and cute pics. Please click on the respective links and check for their opening dates and other details.

BRENTWOOD: This has a list of all the farms in Brentwood

BRENTWOOD: Find a farm:





Check out this link from Webb Ranch on how to be a good berry picker:

> Pick inside the bush for the best flavor
> Ripe berries come off easily
> If you have to pull hard, berries will be sour

"Have fun Fruit Picking " - Savsmich


May 28, 2013

Point Reyes Lighthouse, California

This is a very popular destination. Located about 50 miles north of San Francisco, this scenic area drives people to get a glimpse of the whale migration, the Tule Elk that roam free around the Tomales Bay, the elephant seals, wild flowers and of course the Lighthouse.

pt reyes lighthouse
Point Reyes Lighthouse
Winter: March Whale Migration Viewing at Point Reyes LighthouseDECEMBER 28TH - MID APRIL 2014

In Winter, due to the high volume of people visiting the area to view the whale migration, private vehicles are prohibited. Hence, a shuttle from Kenneth C Patrick Visitor Centre ( Drakes Beach ) is required to visit the Lighthouse on the weekend. Purchase tickets at the visitor centre until 3 pm. Return to the Lighthouse shuttle stop by 5.00 pm. This is the last bus to take you back to the visitor centre. It is about a 7 mile walk back and you surely wouldn't want to be left behind! Click on this link for the latest updates: Winter Shuttle

When we visited in March, it was very foggy by 3pm and we were told that we may not be able to hike to the lighthouse. However we decided to purchase tickets and at least go up to the shuttle stop and decide from there. The drive to the Lighthouse from Drakes beach was about 15 minutes, beautiful, narrow roads with the fog hugging the coastline and green pastures with cows grazing and a couple of timid deer along the way. Luck was in our favor. Fortunately the fog cleared just after a few minutes into the hike.

There maybe times when the Lighthouse is closed due to inclement weather so be prepared and expect fog and wind throughout the year. Check this link for other hikes that you can take around the area: Short Hikes. A 0.4 mile hike from the shuttle stop takes you to the visitor centre. From here it is a steep 308 steps down to the lighthouse. Going down is always easier than climbing back up. Here is a pic of the stairs and the lighthouse.

pt reyes stairway
Stairway to the Lighthouse 
Notes: Carry a sweater and a pair of binoculars. There are no gas stations near the Lighthouse area.

For other locations to see see the whale migration click : WHALE WATCHING AREAS IN THE CALIFORNIA:


north pt reyes beach
View of the Pt. Reyes North and  South beach from the trail head

May 14, 2013

San Francisco Carnaval

Who's ready for some Samba down the streets of San Francisco. Head over this Labor day weekend to experience this popular Multicultural Carnaval Parade on May 26th.

The San Francisco Carnaval features Latin, Caribbean and South American dancers both local and visiting. Its a fun event with the parade filled with the sound of the drum beats, dancers on stilts, samba dancers and a street festival which typically includes food, art and craft and street dancing. The parade winds its way down San Francisco's Mission District. This years theme is Carnaval Harlem Shake. So if your visiting Northern California this is one event is not to be missed. It is a free event. Travel by public transport ( Bart, Caltrain, etc. ) if you want to avoid the hassle of traffic and getting parking space. Get there early so that you can get a good viewing/photography spot.

For more details on the parade route, timing and other events Click here: San Francisco Carnaval
For Parking in San Francisco check this link. Click here: Parking  information

Here are some pictures from our archives.

San Francisco Carnaval
Dancers on a float

dancer San Francisco Carnaval
A dancer

San Francisco Carnaval
A dancer with her colorful attire

San Francisco Carnaval
Colorful attire
San Francisco Carnaval
A dancer
San Francisco Carnaval
Dancing the samba

San Francisco Carnaval
A Dancer

San Francisco Carnaval
portrait of a dancer