Mar 23, 2019

Miami to Key West in 3 hours

The Florida Keys is one of the most iconic and beautiful group of islands on the west coast comprising of 5 Keys. The word Keys is derived from the Spanish word Cayo meaning "Small island". Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Lower Keys & Key West. There are over 1700 islands in the Keys however only 43 of them are connected with bridges. It takes about an hour from Miami to Key Largo along the overseas highway. Whilst there are many activities to keep you busy around the Keys, we decided to just stick to our itinerary below. Snorkelling, fishing eco tours and beach, dolphin encounters are some of the activities that are available.

You can either take a flight that gets you right into Keywest or touchdown in Miami and then drive all the way here. It is an easy 3 hour drive from Miami via US 1 South or the Overseas highway that starts from mile 113 in Key Largo. Acquaint yourself with the gulfside and oceanside so it is easier to figure which side your destination would be.

Below I compiled a list of the stops we made on the way. Many of the addresses are best known by which mile it is. You can view all the MILES here depending on your interest.

Jewfish Creek: This creek is the actual bridge connector between the mainland and the Keys. It is on the right side of the creek heading south to Key West and is on the southern part of Key Largo the first main island on the Overseas Highway. There was no way to stop here as it came in immediately on the turn and I wasn't expecting it. So I just took a picture from the car. The sign here looked way off a sure indication that it had just survived the last hurricane in the summer of 2017.

Mile 101.7: Hobo's Cafe: 
We stopped for lunch here. The seafood sandwich was great. Highly recommend. We planned to picnic outside and enjoy the warm weather alongside the waters. So we headed to Mile 102. picnic area.

Mile 102
A small shaded picnic area which has a few picnic tables. It is a nice place to stop and stetch your legs. I didn't notice any restrooms but from what I read, this place doesn't have one. The location is behind Key Largo Government Centre on the opposite of the highway ( bayside ). Drive to the back of the building. There is a parking lot and a little park with picnic tables.

Mile 86.7 Giant Lobster. 
Get a picture with the Giant Lobster at Rain Barrel Artisan's Village. It is a huge towering 30 ft high and you can't miss it! Bay side location just off the highway.

Mile 77.5 Robbie's Marina located Bayside. 

Mile 48.5: Turtle Hospital:
This is a working hospital that educated the public on the dangers that face the turtles, their survival, rescue and a walk to see the rescued turtles.

Mile 47.0 & 7 Mile Bridge: 
This bridge comes almost immediately after Turtle Hospital. Take a pic of the Pigeon Key visitor centre located oceanside. It is a unique picture spot. The old bridge is closed. There is a good picture spot before you head on the bridge however we did'nt have time so drove past and just took pictures from the car. This is one of the most photographed and videoed bridges on the Keys. It is a little shorter than the old Bridge about 6.79 miles.

Mile 38.7: Bahia Honda Channel Bridge
The weather was gloomy that morning. And with the clouds hovering on one side and raining on the other end. It made for a nice picture stop. We saw a multitude of iguanas scurring beneath the twigs and nearby shrubs.

Mile 36.8: Bahia Honda State Park. 

Mile 35.0: Old Camelback Bridge located oceanside

Mile 3.9: Welcome to Key West Sign board: 

Location: Between North and South Roosevelt Junction at the end of Stock Island and the beginning of Key West you will find the Welcome Sign located on the divider at the "T" junction.

Mile 0: End of the highway. You are in Key West, Florida!

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