Mar 26, 2019


Yes !! We visited the only Presidential Museum in Florida. I am referring to President Harry S Truman's Little White House. From 1946-1952 President Harry used this house for 175 days as a retreat and a functioning White House. It has also served as a Presidential retreat for 6 US Presidents.

The entrance to the house is from the Gates Entrance from Whitehead St and Front St..Parking garages are located nearby. Tours are conducted to see the house from 9 - 4.30. The Museum is located on the first floor. If you do get a chance you might want to check out the house tour.

The above picture is President Truman's shirt. When he visited Key West, his staff would leave the formalities of the White House behind and would change into a uniform that was casual. This came to be known as the "Key West Uniform" The uniform consisted of colorful tropical shirts, khaki slacks, and long brimmed gold hats. The shirts were worn to presidential meetings and dinners.

Presidential Podium

The Executive Order that was signed by President Truman.

If your planning a visit here, the Truman House is located at
111 Front Street, Key West.

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