Mar 23, 2019

How to spend 7 days in FLORIDA

It has been almost a year since we visited Key West. I had just finished watching the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. What a great program to get your digital life, your home and all that surrounds you back in order. It helped me a lot and I started working towards getting my clutter organized once and for all after years. Bags of old clothes ready to be recycled or donated, loads of emails and house trash all cleared up and organized. It made me realize how much we hoard. 

So coming back to my pictures, I organized my albums and trashed all the unwanted ones. You never realize how many pictures we now take with digital cameras. During this time I fell upon Hawaii  and Yellowstone National Park pictures that showcased my toddler and naughty tactics while we struggled to get family pictures. 

This Keywest vacation was with baby no.2 who just turned two and was the spark of our lives. Her second trip with us and we thought we had some idea how it would all turn out. Not at all easy but we survived the entire trip without any problem. On our todo list: KeyWest, Miami, NASA and Everglades National Park. We hired a rental car and drove all the 7 days around. 

Wanderthemap  and Florida Rambler have great content I referred to. They had such great content which I referred to and hence I recommend checking them out for other planned getaways. 

Below is our itinerary. 
  • Day 1. Arrive at night. Stay in Miami.
  • Day 2: Drive to Key West. Spend 2 nights.
  • Day 3: Explore Key West
  • Day 4: 1/2 day in Key West. Drive to Everglades NP ( Airboat Tour ), Second half day spend in Everglades NP. Finish boat tour. Stay night in Miami South
  • Day 5: Morning 1\2 day in Everglades NP. Drive to West Palm Beach. Spend 2 nights 
  • Day 6: Explore NASA (all day )
  • Day 7: Visit Miami Beach, Wynwood Art Walk. Fly back home

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