Mar 26, 2019

Key West Butterfly & Nature Observatory

One of the attractions in Key West that lured me to visit was the Key West Butterfly and Nature Observatory. I had never been to one before so knowing that in Key West I had the opportunity to visit one was exciting. People who know me know I am a lover of rainbows, butterflies, fish and flowers.

After we finished taking family pictures at the Iconic Southernmost Point, we walked for less than 5 mins and we were at the entrance. I got to know much later that there are coupons you can use in addition to avail of discounts. I didn't have any so paid in full. For the amount of time you spend here, ( not more than an hour ) unless you have kids who want to be here forever, it was a tad but pricey. Once you enter you will see loads of butterflies, birds and I think 2 flamingos. Butterflies roam freely and some even landed on my sons tshirt. There were a few on the pathway too. Keep a look out you will not know when one may land on you.

As you complete your tour, at the exit you get a butterfly sticker that you can put on your top. I have preserved it as a memento. Below are some pictures we took. For more information visit Key West Butterfly & Nature Observatory

As you enter there is a glass case of cocoons and caterpillars and a history of how they transform into butterflies. So interesting. I had never seen a cocoon before and this was certainly a lot of learning. There was a seat with butterfly wings that we took pictures on. Once inside, butterflies roamed freely. There were butterflies of different hues and the best part was seeing them at a close range.

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