Feb 22, 2017

New Mexico

We took a break from long roadtrips and instead went to our hometown in Goa for a long two month relaxation visit with family. We have been taking short weekend drives here and there that kept us going for a while.

After our last long trip to Yellowstone ( 17 hour drive to Wyoming ) we planned a quick weeks getaway from California to New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment! We were on the road for 8 days driving through California - Arizona - New Mexico - teeny bit of Texas - New Mexico - Arizona - California. What an experience that was! From deserts to plain long stretches of nothing but vast untouched land, we saw it all.

Outlined below is our road map route and our itinerary.


Day 1: San Francisco to Joshua Tree - 8 hours drive ( an hour additional for breaks )
Day 2: Spend a day in Joshua Tree staying within 2 miles of the park.
Day 3: Drive from Joshua Tree to Las Cruces, NM - 12 hour drive nonstop ( additional time for breaks )
Day 4: From Las Cruces, drive to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM - 3 hour drive, stay in Roswell,NM for the night.
Day 5: Tour Roswell UFO Museum, then drive from Roswell to White Sands National Monument ( 3 hour drive ), head towards Santa Fe ( 4 hr drive from White Sands ), stay for the night.
Day 6: Spend day in and around Santa Fe. Stay night in Albuquerque.
Day 7: From Albuquerque drive to Very Large Array in Socorro ( 2 hours ). Stop for night in Barstow ( 10 hour drive )
Day 8: Drive home


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