Feb 12, 2014

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Viewing places from a height is always captivating whether it is from a flight, a blimp or a skyscraper. The place could be blanketed in fog for a few minutes and the next moment you see the city lights, vehicle tail lights and downtown right in front of you. What is it about viewing places from a height that brings people to photograph and visit these places? San Francisco, the city of lights, fog or love ( or any other name you want to call it ) has the most perfect place to sit and relax and marvel at how the city transforms hour by hour each day.

Sometime in September 2013, we drove down to Twin Peaks. It was windy, cold and the city was covered in fog. With umbrellas almost flying off the cliff with the wind and the rain coming down on us at intervals, we decided to stay another 5 -10 mins in the hope that the rain subsides and the sun shines brightly. As if our prayers were heard, in minutes the fog suddenly lifted and the entire city revealed itself to us majestically. Check this picture.. Isn't it beautiful!

Check out this time lapse video I found online: Video Link by Chad Richard. An amazing time lapse video of the night and day!

Foggy San Francisco

twin peaks
Sunny San Francisco
Twin Peaks is located at: 501 Twin Peaks Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94114.

downtown san francisco
San Francisco  Downtown
Parking is available. Restrooms are located near the vista point.Hiking trails are also in the vicinity.Windy and chill\cold is all I can say when up there!
Good place for night photography on a clear night. Watch a breathtaking sunset from here too.

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