Feb 13, 2013

Slithery Adventures - Bay Area

There is always a need to keep kids busy. And summer is when you have to really look around for stuff to do. 2011 was when I was searching around for toddler activities for my 2\3 year old. I landed on various websites which gave me ideas. But there was one particular activity that caught my eye. This post may have various opinions about taking children, their safety etc. It's a personal decision no doubt, every one will have their pros and cons. However, I personally wanted to experience it. This is all about an experience with lizards, snakes and pythons. You do not have to read on and can drop off here if you wish. Click on Read more to see the rest of the post.

I found a program at a library that introduced these creatures to the public: curious kids and adults alike. The owner Brian Gundy from this website ( for goodness snakes ), brought with him, reptiles, boa constrictors, alligator lizards and different kinds of snakes. He even let you hold them in your hand or put one over your neck and take pictures at the end of the program. It was a learning experience attending this public event and educational as we learnt a lot about these less talked about animals. Personally I would not keep them as a pet, but I surely got a chance to see the creatures first hand and up close. Below are some of my pictures taken in 2011. You can get adequate information by clicking on this link. 

The public invited to experience them

albino ball python
Albino ball python

ball python
With a  python

alligator lizard
Alligator lizard 


an experience!

kids can touch
kids experience


kids touch snakes
Kids experience it too

blue tongued lizard
Blue tongued lizard
Coincidently, 2013 has been named the Year of the Snake. 

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