Jan 28, 2013

Baylands Nature Preserve, Palo Alto

Looking for a new place to take your kids and enjoy nature simultaneously? Read on for details..

Kids are full of energy and all of us try to find activities to keep them occupied on a weekend. Driving around town, we landed at the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto, Ca. One thing that I always carry with me when we go out is our camera. And boy does it come in handy?

Snowy Egret

So, here we are facing a huge duck pond with a fountain in the middle and hundreds of ducks having a great time. They were massive, and we saw three domestic geese. This is a very kid friendly place where they are sure to have a great time seeing the ducks and walking around.

Domestic Goose
Baylands is a great place for bicycling, viewing different species of birds, migratory birds during different seasons, walking,, running, or biking. We walked the Lucy Evans Nature Interpretive Centre. The trail extends out to the bay. It's a lovely walk, though it can get quite windy and cold. For the hotspots on viewing birds click here for the link. The trails at the preserve extend to Shoreline Park in Mountain View. The best part about this preserve is that is is less crowded and is another "new place" to see right in your back yard. Here are some pictures we took while on our walk. View more pictures on our facebook page www.facebook.com\savsmich.

American Avocet
Black necked Stilt

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