Dec 30, 2012


2012 has been a great year! We've had some very memorable trips in 2012 and look forward to some more in 2013! We thank you for reading and appreciating our pictures on Facebook. We hope to bring you more places, pictures and ideas in 2013! We wish each of you a Happy New Year 2013!

A first visit or your 10th, vacationing in Vegas is always looked forward to. It's probably the most popular destination specially for New Year! It's all about the energy, the lights, the music along the sidewalks, the crowds and the shows, casinos and a chance to win some extra $$. Keeping the best for the last of 2012, am writing about Vegas! Do visit our Facebook Page for photographs!

las vegas sign
Las Vegas Sign

What to see can always be overwhelming. Where do you start, what do you do, how about parking availability, free shows, kids ... From our visits there, we have gathered some tips that would make our future trip better.
  • Parking: I found a great website with detailed information and secrets to parking in Vegas. 
  • Walk.. that's the way to do it. Wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes for the day out on the Strip. Don't forget to carry your party shoes for the night.
  • Many of the shows on the Strip are on the hour or every 15-30 mins. Missed a show? wait for the next one and reserve your best spot. Waiting can be as long as an hour from the previous show.
  • Strollers are a blessing for young kids who would tire out easily by walking. 
  • The Mono Rail is convenient if your staying on or off the strip. Its convenient if you want to go from point A to point B without the inconvenience of driving around specially in peak season. One way, day or 3 day passes are available. Check the website for more information regarding interactive maps, stops and latest information on travelling on the Strip.
There are loads of things to do at Vegas. Here are somethings not to miss on an evening walk enjoying the Strip:
Enjoy the colors, the beautiful displays, flower  garden etc. Located behind the Bellagio Lobby. The exhibits change. Click here for the details.  Great photo opportunities. Avoid the crowds and come either early morning or late at night. 
Location: Intersection of S. Las Vegas Blvd & E Flamingo Road, opposite Paris Las Vegas. Schedule may change, please visit the website for latest information. For timings and exhibit details click here.

gondola rides venetian
Gondola Rides
  • THE VENETIAN: ( Rides have to be purchased)
Can't visit Venice, just head over to The Venetian to experience the melodious Gondoliers either outdoors: near the entrance or near the Grand Canal Shops. For prices and hours on rides click here.
View Live Chilean Flamingos from a close proximity. You may also see lots of turtles, koi, swans and ducks.  Click here for more information. Very peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy the natural surrounding.

Flamingos @ the hotel & casino
Find your destination with this Map of Caesars Palace: Click here.

1.) Forum Mall - Fountain of the Gods

Great place to shop or just window shop. The ceilings resemble a natural sky. Relax near the Fountain of the Gods near the Trevis Restaurant. Click here for the map for an approximate location. 

2.) Fall of Atlantis:

Located near the Cheesecake Factory - inside the Forum Shops. Timings: On the hour every hour. For details click here. The show is very popular and gets quite crowded. If you are with a stroller, you may want to fold it and reserve your spot. 

3.) The Aquarium:

Located just around the entrance of the Cheesecake Factory in the Forum Shops ( where the Fall of Atlantis show takes place.)
Sirens of Treasure Island is popular! For more information and timing in summer and winter, click here. The area outside the Treasure Island at Siren's Cove is packed with enthusiasts eager to watch the show. Strollers are not allowed and people gather well in advance to get the best viewing spot. Viewer discretion is advised for certain parts of the show for small children ( frankly just my opinion ). 
Gather near the entrance of The Mirage on The Strip and enjoy a volcanic eruption to the tune of Zakir Hussain & Mickey Hart. The attraction will be closed from January 2nd 2013 to February 15th 2013. For timings and schedule click here

Volcano Eruption @ The Mirage
Vegas has loads of activities to be done. As and when we complete a new activity, this post will be updated too. 

Inside individual Casino's off-course there are tonnes of things to do from hitting the Casino's to catching shows from famous performers. Check the individual Casino sites for the shows/timings and tickets!

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