Aug 21, 2012

San Francisco

Are you planning a weekend trip to San Francisco soon? Its a challenge when you have little time and so many places to see on your list. Sounds familiar? Well we always land in this situation. So without any further ado, here are some of the best that you can plan in a short time.

Golden Gate view looking north from the visitor centre


A walk on the bridge is what will make you appreciate the bridge even more than the views. 1.7 miles each way. From the visitor centre you can take pictures with the span and of the SFO skyline in the backdrop. Parking is limited here and coin operated. Just a few feet away towards Crissy Field, there is a parking lot, usually full but if you wait for sometime you can get free parking.

You will also get sweeping views from Battery Spencer on Conzelman Road \ Kirby cove road.

Walking on the bridge is a wonderful experience.

View of the length
Crissy field, view from the bridge


2.) PIER 39:

Pier 39 has so much of energy anytime you go there. You will be one amongst thousands walking along. Parking is available at many places and is the most convenient way to see the area. The most convenient parking garage is at 2350 Stockton Street ( located between Beach ad North Point )
There is another beside Joe's Crab shack ( approx 30 for the maximum # of hours )
Photo Opportunity: Take a pic with the humongous crab in front of Pier 39. The Fisherman's Wharf sign board is at Jefferson and Taylor Street.

Fisherman's Wharf sign board 

At Pier 39, you can enjoy the aromas of fresh sourdough bread at Boudin San Francisco and the making of fresh bread in different shapes!.  

A large crocodile shaped bread on display
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3.)  Crooked Street:

Known for its narrow and the most crooked road in San Francisco yet another attraction. This is located on Lombard Street between Hyde and Leavenworth Sts. The road climbing up Lombard Street is tough. If you are a first time, look back when climbing. Its not for those who are afraid of heights and for the giddy headed. It is definitely a very steep climb up. There are many stop signs on the way up. So be cautious as stopping on a steep hill with cars behind you can be cumbersome. The views are worth it once you are on top. You can also make a stop by taking a cable car.

View of Crooked Street

3.) PAINTED LADIES \ Postcard Row:

If you are a " FULL HOUSE " sitcom fan, then you should not miss this place. Painted Ladies is a row of Victorian houses that has featured in many panoramic pictures and in the opening sequence of Full House. It is located in between Grove and Hayes St on Steiner St.

Painted Ladies with SFO skyline at sunset.


Located at 55 Music Concourse Drive Golden Gate Park, it is one of a kind in San Francisco. Located beneath a Living roof ! Click here for more details. It has an Aquarium, a Planetarium, Rain forest, Museum and Living animals all under one roof.
The Planetarium Show is a highly recommended show and it is advisable to go early to get free show pass as they are available on a first come first serve basis. Children below 3 are not allowed and ages 6 and not recommended. No cameras or videos are allowed inside the theatre. It is a MUST SEE, but plan for a full day. 

This is a great places to bring out the botanist in you. Rare flowers, plants and endangered species are seen here. Allow 1-2 hours viewing here. Strollers, food and drink are not permitted inside.  There is an area where strollers can be parked. 



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