Jun 3, 2011

Lovely Lavender

View Lavender Fields, Mt Shastha in a larger map

I have always loved Lavender. I am constantly on the lookout for places to go. On one of our return road trips from Portland ( I will blog about this later ) we decided to stop at Mt. Shasta. We didnt want to do the usual, boating, camping stuff that everyone usually does as we lacked time and did not intend staying there after our long roadtrip. We were on the lookout on our phone for some scenic areas around where we could get some great pictures. We had around 2 hours to decide whether to make a pitstop there or carry on and reach home after a long 12 hour drive from Portland.
Fortunately my eyes fell on this website. It had the most spectacular and gorgeous scenery of lavender with the backdrop of snow capped mountains. My heart pounding, I found that it was about an hours drive on our way home, about 15 miles off our main route. I didn't bother about the extra time we took to reach home. We were excited about this sudden off track stop. It was indeed, by far the best decision we took to venture into seeing a place where we had not looked for reviews. We knew what we were going to see Lavender fields ..... but the end view was breathtaking and unimaginable.

We decided take the detour. It was about 12 miles off I 5, a long lonely route with field on either side, cows grazing and in the distant.. Mt. Shastha beautiful and so majestic! Our GPS took us to a road which had the lavender field board directing us onto a dirt gravel road. We didn't know where we were being led. It was initially a little scary and overwhelming. We travelled on that unpaved path for about 2 miles climbing uphill slowly, afraid of getting our tires punctured. As we looked though our rear view mirrors what a sight to see.. fields of lavender..

As we neared the end of our dirt trail there it was... Rows and rows of purple fields of lavender and in the middle the Lavender Labyrinth. We visited the office and were greeted with a glass of fresh lavender lemonade that was so refreshing. We were given a basket and a pair of scissors. We had the option of cutting lavender and taking some pics or just enjoying the beauty. It was a great experience as we walked down the rows of lavender. My then 2 yr old toddler had a blast cutting the lavender! For a few dollars we were able to collect memorable memories, take scenic photographs and come home with a bunch of fragrant lavender!


  1. Michelle,
    Love the photo's.. defn thinking of making a trip here this summer.. thanks for the info :)

  2. My pleasure.. let me know if u need any additional help.. I've put in all i know so it should be easy..