SAVSMICH.. It is a combination of Savio + Michelle : 'Savs'  + 'Mich'. 

About Michelle: She is currently a homemaker, enjoying the sweetest,, cherished moments in the upbringing of her two beautiful children a boy and a girl. Her love for travel started off from her college years with her first trip with her friends to Northern India. A 14 day trip without family made her learn a lot about companionship, food and the beautiful landscapes. 
  • Apart from keeping this diary upto date, She also spends time in trying out new dishes ( No she doesnt document that its just too time consuming )
  • Loves Cake Decorating ( you can check her page www.facebook.com/butacakebymichelle ) and her Blog Facebook page for additional Pictures.
  • She loves family pictures ( not a fan of selfies :-) )
  • Loves to drive and go on drives
  • Relishes Spicy food. Her favorite cuisines are Thai and Mexican
  • Music lover

About Savio:
  • He is a Software Engineer by profession. 
  • He likes to keep fit and healthy by eating right 
  • He loves travelling and visiting new places. 
  • Nature and beaches are some of his favorite places
  • He can stay all his life watching the Grand Canyon. He has been there 4 times.
  • Enjoys the outdoors, loves camping, having fun and taking time off for the family and for himself. 

Both Savio & I are from a coastal region in India called 'Goa' that was once ruled by the Portuguese. Churches, miles of sandy beaches, small towns, spicy fish cold beer on a hot day and avenues of palm streamed beaches is all I can think about. 

After having worked in Bangalore, we moved to California. This place is so beautiful we fell in love with it. Each weekend we decided to venture out and see a new place. While we get caught up and just miss out on names of places and what we did there, we planned on documenting our drives for our children and grandchildren. We hope to keep these wonderful memories and trips of ours fresh. 

This blog is about our visits to our numero uno National Parks, beaches, kiddie places, short and long drives to various places around California and surrounding states, our favorite so far Alaska, and Hawaii. Our craziest longest drive was from San Fracisco to Wyoming when we visited Yellowstone. and San Francisco to Monument Valley. Coming to the US, made us appreciate natural beauty even more, learnt to tolerate one another on long drives and more about each others personalities. 

All pictures on this website are belong to Us unless specified. Due credit is given the the owner. We take the time to write our experiences. You can share our posts but please link us back and give us appropriate credit. 

Thanks for visiting our blog. Do leave us a comment\ feedback regarding your visit here. We would really appreciate it. 


Savio & Michelle

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