Jul 9, 2011

Monarch Butterflies\ Natural Bridges Beach

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  They are one of the world's most beautiful, lightest delicate creatures on earth.

Jul 3, 2011

Tidepooling @ Half Moon Bay

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Being a Piscean - I love anything to do with water.. specially fish. My dad loves fish, has a large fish tank with live bearers specially black mollies, guppies, red sword tailed and a couple of others. It is such joy to see the baby fish swimming and hiding amongst the rocks and plants fearful of the other big fish. I just love their colors and I can sit for hours together watching them.

Sea Weed

My own custom domain!

I finally decided to get my own custom domain. At least now I will be able to put my thoughts into words. It also helps me destress from the normal chores and daily routine.

I have realized that we do so many things in life, but rarely do we think about if we would be able to remember it 2 years down the line or even when we are old. I'd like to let my future generations get to know me more with my pictures and blog..

I hope you like reading my blogs in the months and years to come.. Closing on a quote that I really liked " Everything good that I know was taught to me by great teachers and I feel like giving back and sharing the technique is the thing to do.  " Betty Buckley

Cheers to "www.savsmich.com".. Till we blog again!